UKGROW ROOTS – Superior Root Growth Enhancer for Robust Plant Health


Unlock the full potential of your horticultural efforts with UKGROW Roots, our state-of-the-art root growth enhancer. Designed to serve the demands of both soil and coco-based growth mediums, Roots brings you the best value hydroponics nutrient solution in the UK. Take your gardening to new heights with Roots, where quality meets affordability.


What Makes UKGROW Roots Stand Out?

Root Stimulation

A plant’s roots are its lifeline. UKGROW Roots is formulated to stimulate root growth, encouraging the development of a complex, healthy root system, which is the foundation of a thriving plant.

Nutrient Absorption

Efficient root systems are not just about depth and spread, but also about nutrient uptake. Our unique formula enhances your plants’ ability to absorb essential nutrients and water, ensuring a lush and vibrant growth phase.

Key Features and Advantages of ROOTS

Versatility at Its Best

Though we can’t mention specific types of plants, UKGROW Roots is the ideal choice for a wide range of horticultural needs. Its formulation is perfectly suited for both soil and coco coir mediums, making it a versatile solution for any gardener.

Sustainability is more than a buzzword for us; it’s a commitment. UKGROW Roots is an organic, eco-friendly product that aligns with modern sustainable farming and gardening practices.


Like all UKGROW products, Roots offers unbeatable value. Designed to be effective yet affordable, it stands as the best value hydroponics nutrient in the UK.

Application Guidelines

Simple to Use

Apply at a minimum once a week during the vegetative phase for optimal root development.

H2: Compatibility

UKGROW Roots seamlessly integrates with your existing watering systems, whether you are manually watering your plants or using an advanced hydroponic setup.

Our Commitment to Quality

Rigorous Testing -Roots

Each batch of undergoes stringent quality control measures to guarantee it meets the highest industry standards.

Regulatory Compliance

UKGROW Roots is compliant with all relevant UK agricultural laws and regulations, assuring you of a product that not only performs but also adheres to safety norms.

Invest in UKGROW Roots for Unmatched Plant Vigor

Don’t leave the health of your plants to chance. Elevate your gardening game with the root-boosting benefits. Quality, versatility, and affordability — it’s all here.

Give your plants the strong foundation they deserve with UKGROW Roots.


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